Integrated Property Management

Integron manages residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our single-minded focus is to preserve the value of your property without any compromises. We offer a comprehensive range of Integrated Facility management and Maintenance Support Services:

  • Housekeeping

  • Engineering Maintenance Including Electrical and HVAC

  • BMS

  • Front Office Assistance

  • Helpdesk

  • Guest House Management

  • Hospitality(Pantry) services

  • Mailroom Management

  • Flower Arrangement

  • Carpet/Chair Shampooing, Vertical Blinds Maintenance

  • Garden and Lawn Maintenance

  • Façade Cleaning

  • Valet and Parking Management

  • Post- project Cleaning

The Integron Edge

  • Skilled Manpower:
    All our employees undergo Technical Skills and Soft Skills training not just once upon joining but at regular intervals. This ensures that our Clients get better quality of people who are updated in their skills to perform their duties efficiently and effectively. In addition to Technical Skills training, our specialized Soft Skills training enables them to work with people across all management cadres.

  • 100% Compliant:
    We are amongst the few organizations in India who meet with all the Statutory requirements. This ensures that our Clients are protected at all times from Statutory Defaults and Employment Claims.

  • Low Attrition Rate:
    We have a proven track record of lower than industry average attrition rates. A large number of our employees have been with us for more than 5 years. A lower attrition rate guarantees greater stability in service to our Clients.

  • Localized Sourcing:
    Over the years, we have understood the importance of having employees who are sourced locally. Employing locals ensures that our employees report on time, report to work even if there is an infrastructure break down. Sometimes, employees can be deployed even at short notice in emergencies.

  • Complete Transparency:
    We are willing to be audited by external agencies on our processes and code of conduct. This is an extremely unusual practice in the industry and we have taken the lead on implementing it.

  • Systems and Process Orientation:
    We have invested in building systems and processes which enable regular and transparent reporting to Clients.