Changing Lives

Rupesh Jadhav is currently employed as an Office Assistant at our Mumbai site of Multiscreen Media Pvt Ltd. But employment wasn’t always a reality for this 22-year old. He grew up in Konkan with his father, mother, elder sister and younger brother. However, it wasn’t an easy childhood as his father was a farmer and also the only earning member in the family. When his father fell ill, it became his responsibility to support the family. He quit his studies and moved to Mumbai in August 2010 to seek employment. By the 1st of September 2010, he joined Integron as a Housekeeper. Though Rupesh was an unskilled employee, he mastered the skills of housekeeping with the help of focused training and supervision. After one year of dedicated work, he was promoted to Office Assistant.

Rupesh’s financial condition is now stable and he lives in a rented house in Jogeshwari. He financially supports his parents and also funds his younger brother’s civil engineering studies. Now that financial security is no more a problem, Rupesh is currently pursuing his S.Y.B.Com at Mittal College in Malad; he attends lectures in the morning, post which he reports to work. A bright future awaits him.

Chetan Gamre who was working as a Housekeeper at our Mahindra Finance site in Mumbai slipped and fell off a local train on 9th January 2013. Though he was immediately rushed to Sion hospital he succumbed to his injuries and passed away two days later on 11th January 2013.

While a full and final settlement is the industry standard, we believed that was not enough. Integron ensured that the F&F cheque was delivered to his mother within 48 hours. We ensured that his mother, Mrs. Saraswati Gamre, was eligible for her son’s PF, EPS benefits, Gratuity and ESIC pension. We sent an executive over to Mrs. Gamre’s residence to explain all the compliance requirements, her eligibility and the process to be followed. Owing to this, she not only received the gratuity amount but will also receive ESI pension. Chetan’s hospitalization fee was covered under ESIC Scheme. We left no stone unturned to ensure that Chetan’s family was taken care of after this tragedy.

Bharti Kharatmal is a single mother who is employed at Integron India as a Chambermaid in the Housekeeping division. She earns enough to sustain her household and support her daughter financially. However, the road to this point has been anything but smooth for Bharti. Married in December of 1997, her post-marital bliss came to an abrupt halt when her husband fell critically ill. She admitted him for treatment to a number of hospitals over the course of two years, but to no avail. Her husband passed away in the month of June, 1999.   

Bharti was in her last month of pregnancy when this happened and in July 1999, she gave birth to a daughter. Only 3 weeks later she started working as a maid, cleaning and cooking for money. However, the pay was not proportionate to the work she was putting in and barely covered rent and food. 3 years went by and circumstances then forced Bharti to take her daughter along to work. Unfortunately for her, not all the employers empathised with her predicament and she kept getting fired. She even started doing civil work in the baking hot sun, taking her daughter along with her to the sites. In her mind, she knew this was not the kind of childhood she wanted for her daughter. Then one day, she was hired by Integron as a Chambermaid, and from that day on she has been able to build a stable life for herself and her daughter; she feels her future is now secure.

Yogesh  Patil began working at Integron at a time when his family’s future looked bleak. His mother, who washed vessels, was the only breadwinner. His father was unemployed and his younger brother was still studying in college. Yogesh’s supervisor at Integron trained him in every aspect of the job, ensuring he not only acquired all the necessary skills but also become good at them. Yogesh wakes up every day at 4 am to wash cars, post which he reports to Integron for work at 6:30 am and works till evening. His hard work and dedication have paid off in the form of financial security and stability. What’s more, he was able to purchase a computer for his younger brother.