Custom Staffing Solutions

People are the most powerful assets of a company and yet there are constraints that companies face when it comes to employing people. Companies often approach us to provide Customised Staffing Solutions when they need to outsource staff for non core activities, to contain headcount or if they are searching for a niche skill sets. Often seasonality of business is the prime purpose of looking at outsourcing staffing requirement. Whatever the reason, at Integron, we believe that there is no one-shoe-fits-all approach to staffing. Every Client has very specific needs and it is upon understanding these needs that we create the right solutions for them.

As a leading provider of end to end solutions in staffing, we take care of:

  • Sourcing

  • Performance Management

  • On-boarding

  • Background checks

  • Payroll Compliance

  • Exit formalities

Our staffing solutions cater to requirements of:

  • Corporate Office Staff

  • Drivers and Operators

  • Technical Maintenance staff

  • Blue Collared roles

The Integron Edge

  • Employee Relationship Management:
    While most staffing / payroll management companies restrict themselves primarily to compliance, leaving employee relations to the Client, Integron engages with employees to proactively facilitate the Client.

  • Periodic Feedback:
    We seek as well as give regular feedback to ensure that there are no gaps between Client requirements and our deliverables resulting in enhanced service deliverables.
    There is complete transparency in our dealings with Clients.

  • Above and Beyond the call of duty:
    Weaving its social focus into Custom Staffing Solutions, Integron also attempts to source staff for the Client in a unique manner thus adding to the CSR objectives of the Client.

The Integron Staffing Process

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